MTS Calibration

Sound Level Analysers

We treat Sound Level Analysers as Sound Level Meters which incorporate Octave Band or Third-Octave Band Filter Sets and provide a separate Certificate of Calibration for each. The full calibration is therefore a calibration of the sound level meter (to BS EN 61672 Part 3 or to BS 7580) together with a calibration of the associated Filter Set to BS EN 61260:1996.

UKAS accreditation for verification of the filters according to BS EN 61260: 1996 has been achieved and this accreditation takes account of whether an analogue or a digital filter set is submitted.

In the case of a digital filter set, it is considered that satisfactory verification of just three filters in the set is representative, whilst, of course, in the case of an analogue filter set, each individual filter must be verified. In all cases, the analyser is assessed using the readout from the associated sound level meter, and the calibrations are inseparable.

Naturally and logically, it is argued that any octave or third octave band measurement is not fully traceable without verification of BOTH the sound level meter AND the associated filter set.