MTS Calibration

Sound Calibrators

The only calibration service we offer for a Sound Calibrator is UKAS-accredited. Calibrators are assessed in accordance with BS EN 60942 and accredited calibrations must be appropriate to a sound level meter fitted with the (normal) WS-2 Half-inch Microphone. The normal calibration offered is a measurement under monitored atmospheric temperature and pressure conditions of:

  • Sound Pressure Level
  • Frequency
  • Total Harmonic Distortion

Each of the three measurements is reported on the calibration certificate together with the associated uncertainty of measurement as affirmed by the UKAS accreditation.

The sound pressure level is determined by the average of at least four independent measurements of the object calibrator in comparison with at least four measurements with each of two reference calibrators, both of which are regularly calibrated by a National Standards Laboratory.

Frequency of the object calibrator is determined as the average of of at least four independent measurements of the calibrator output by means of a 6.5 digit Multimeter.

Total Harmonic Distortion is measured using three independent measurements using a third-octave analyser, with frequency response corrected as appropriate for the frequency response of the analyser, preamplifier, and measurement microphone. Normally, both levels of a dual-level calibrator are measured - unless otherwise specified by the customer order.