MTS Calibration

Sound Level Meters

Sound Level Meters are calibrated in accordance with BS EN 61672 Part 3:2013 unless otherwise requested. Either UKAS-accredited calibration, or non-accredited calibration may be requested (unaccredited calibration is an option where the customer does not require the full sound level meter specification to be assessed). An accredited calibration can only be performed on instruments which have satisfied the requirements of BS EN 61672 Part 1:2013, which is why we additionally or alternatively offer the option of an unaccredited calibration.

If required, instruments may be calibrated to BS EN 61672 Part 3:2006 or BS 7580 Part 1:1997, in either UKAS-accredited or unaccredited calibration. This may be the case where the sound level meter was originally constructed to the requirements of BS EN 61672 Part1:2003 or BS EN 60651:1994 and BS EN 60804:1994.
MTS Calibration Ltd achieved  UKAS accreditation in 2007, and is still unique amongst other calibration laboratories by including in its accredited sound level meter calibration a free-field microphone calibration across the full frequency range (to 20kHz) of the sound level meter. This covers in detail what in our experience has proved to be the most likely point of failure in the performance of a sound level meter.

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